Schedule garage door opener service & Repair in Davenport, Bettendorf, IA & Rock Island, IL


There is nothing worse than getting stuck in your garage when your garage door opener stops working. If you're in a hurry, you may be inclined to try and fix things on your own, but you should never attempt to manually open your garage door when the opener is not doing its job.

Rely on a professional garage door opener repair company in Bettendorf, Davenport, IA & Rock Island, IL that can assess the problem accurately and provide the best repair solutions. Hire 74 Garage Door Company today and open your garage door with ease.

Upgrade your garage opener with Wi-Fi retrofitting

74 Garage Door Company should be your top choice for garage door opener services in Davenport, Bettendorf, IA & Rock Island, IL and the surrounding area. Our crew strives to provide the best garage door opener repair services to make your coming and going more convenient. Common garage door opener service we provide in Davenport, IA includes:

 - New remote programming
 - New gear replacements
 - Circuit board replacements
 - Belt or chain replacements
 - Wi-Fi retrofit programming

Many of the parts we use come with extensive warranties, and we guarantee all of our work with a one-year labor warranty.

Don't take repairs into your own hands. Trust 74 Garage Door Company to fix your garage door opener. Call (563) 340-7933 now for a free on-site estimate on garage door opener service.


There are many different reasons why a garage door might be stuck. Some problems only need simple fixes and others might require replacing the entire unit. You can rely on our garage door contractor to identify the issue with your opener and recommend the most effective garage door repair solution.

We check for issues like...

Misaligned garage door tracks
Dirty or misaligned garage door photo eyes
Broken garage door springs or cables

The issue with your garage door opener might not be obvious. Our skilled garage door contractor can give your system a thorough inspection to find the problem. We'll make sure you can use your garage without a problem.

Call (563) 340-7933 to schedule garage door opener repair services.